dive schools and instructors groups: Sheltered and shallow water available all year round, with clear water and plenty of life, makes this an ideal destination to introduce trainees to the underwater world they imagine awaits them. Offer a positive first experience to encourage your trainees further exploration into diving.

introduction to temperate diving: Significantly more divers are interested in temperate diving in relaxed destinations that offer diving comparable to warmer climates. Help them make this move to UK diving by running temperate water introduction trips, including drysuit endorsement courses, during the spring to autumn season.

patient and understanding dive skipper: a quick look at the Dive Skipper page and our customer comments will convince you that Gordon has the patience and understanding required to get those first boat dives done confidently, safely and most importantly... while having fun. He is also trained to PADI Divemaster level and understand the PADI training system. We have helped 'cut the teeth' of many great divers!

standard 7 day trips: The old favourite, that allows best use of your energy and time. Settle in to the diving environment and really maximize the opportunity to explore and enjoy the diversity of diving on offer.

standard 5 day trips: The best of both worlds when a weekend simply isn't long enough but free-time from work is an issue.

3 day short breaks: These dates are now available throughout the season.

prices: as standard club trip prices as detailed here

trip numbers: All instructor trips require a minimum of 8 people to book.

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