DiveSkye for Dive Schools and Instructors

Help your students make that vital transition into temperate water diving and with ‘Dive & Sea the Hebrides’ you will discover that you made a great choice.

Sheltered and shallow seas, available all year round, with great visibility and plenty of life, makes this an ideal destination to introduce trainees to the underwater world they imagine awaits them. Offer a positive first UK experience to encourage your trainees further exploration into temperate water diving. Significantly more divers are interested in temperate diving and in a destination that offers diving comparable to warmer climates, makes its’s an easy step to take. Why not be the instructor that introduces your students to that new skill or experience. Help them make this move to UK diving by running temperate water introduction trips, including drysuit endorsement courses during the spring to autumn season.

A quick look at the Dive Skipper page and our customer comments will convince you that Gordon has the patience and understanding required to get those first boat dives done confidently, safely and most importantly, while having fun. He is also trained to PADI Divemaster level and understand the PADI training system. We have helped ‘cut the teeth’ of many great divers! Have a look at the Club Expeditions page for options and details.

Photographers – we’ve got the picture

We understand the frustations, so we provide the space, time and patience you require.

Recognising the frustration of photographers on standard club expeditions we do run dedicated photography small group trips. Each day the dive site will be chosen for the day’s photographic objective and dived with the time, patience and understanding to get that picture you want. With like-minded buddies and buoyancy control to maximise the good visibility available, what better opportunity could you want.

Underwater Photography trip with Mike Clark, 2024

Fri 21st- 28th June 2024, we will be targeting underwater puffins, nudibranch and seals against a backdrop of all of Skye’s incredible underwater topography, great vis and awesome colour. Mike Clark will be aboard to share his photography knowledge, skills and tips, with divers of all experience. Immerse yourself in the right environment to develop your photographic skills, whatever your level, and get your best shot. Full details listed on our NEWS PAGE, SPACES ARE LIMITED so BOOK QUICKLY | Phone | 01470 592219 or Email | diveskye@dive-and-sea-the-hebrides.co.uk

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Student Clubs Welcome – with a discount

Student dive clubs are always welcome and we have a number of returning clubs who just keep coming back for more of that special blend of ‘DiveSkye’ fun. Read about them on our Customer Comment page. As we were also students we do understand the financial pressures and offer Student Discounts to make trip planning finances a wee bit easier. Discounts are available at the following rates. 

Group Trip No of People No of Days Discount
Student Dive Club DiveSkye Classic 10-12 5 or 7 10% Discount
Student Dive Club DIY DiveSkye >10 5 or 7 5% Discount
Student Dive Club Join an Expedition 6-8 5 or 7 10% Discount
Student Dive Club Join an Expedition 2-4 5 or 7 5% Discount
Student Dive Club Join an Expedition 4-8 3 5% Discount

Citizen Science – participate and give back to the future

Our planet  is under pressure and the worlds communities are only just coming to terms with the enormity of the problem. We often treat our wilderness environement  is as a ‘playground’ but we could also give something back to the future at the same time. 

With increasing awareness of the environmental pressures facing our planet globally, ‘Dive & sea the Hebrides’ are keen to participate where possible in citizen sciences projects. If you are interested as a University, research scientist or recreational diver of being involved in this way please get in touch. Any ideas that you may have about combing diving with environmental projects would be of interest to us. Watch our ‘News & Chat’ page for news.

25th July – 4th August 2023, we are delighted to be welcoming 12 divers to participate in a SeaSearch Expedition. Thwarted repeatedly by Covid, we are very excited about this trip going ahead this summer. Watch our Facebook page for updates. SPACES AVAILABLE