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We would like to extend our grateful appreciation to the following journalists, customers, friends and staff for sharing their images and videos with us. Thank You!

Jamie MacKay, Aileen Robertson, Gavin Anderson, Sue Scott, Monty Hall, John Liddiard, Excalibre SAC, Clare Brathmere, Oliver Schlegel, Stein Inn, Marko Wramen, Robert Arnold, Reading SAC, Roger Shann, Frank Gloystein, Simon Volpe, Alan Cranston, St Helens SAC, Gill Williams, Anne Buchan, Norah Shann, St Albans SAC, Calumn MacKay, Mike Clark, Ross Coventry, Severnside SAC, Ipswich SAC, Lewis & Harris SAC, John Cook, Alastair McCulloch, Alistair Chapman, Caroline Appleyard