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a spectacular diving location | no queues on the shot line | the dive site is yours alone to explore | dramatic and diverse underwater scenery | excellent visibility and clean waters | unspoiled reefs | a unique and abundant blend of diverse marine life | adventurous drift dives | tremendous night dives | fantastic photography | sheltered diving

HAPPY CUSTOMERS, LOTS OF FUN!  With 30+ years of customers from all corners of the UK, Europe and farther shores, we have been lucky to make many dive friends and have many adventures doing so. Enjoy the comments and take a look at our customer gallery to share some of that fun. Thank you to you all, it’s been a pleasure. Gordon & Aileen, October 2018

“If you dive in this country you’ve got to dive skye. The wrecks and the life and the vis are superb. Go with dive and sea and you will be laughing all day” Mark William Pallister, 16.10.17

“Thank you for a great weekend’s diving. Including the dolphin encounter….”  Alistair Chapman, 14.08.17

“The shellfish beach sweeping out to the wee island west of you (Stein) has some of the best light I have ever seen in Scotland.” Dave Crampton, 18.07.17

“Just coming to the end of a great week of diving in Skye with Dive & Sea the Hebrides. We were joined on the boat by members of iDive – Ipswich Dive Club. The weather behaved itself for most of the week and everybody enjoyed some cracking dives. More underwater photos to follow!” Lewis & Harris SAC, 13.07.17

“Here is a picture (on our Facebook page) from the club trip to Skye this week. It shows the skipper of our boat (the “Elena-C”) Gordon MacKay, his son Jamie, and club members Frances, Tris and Ayse. We are standing by the boat at the slip ready for today’s diving. Check out the waves lapping on the slip. This has been the kind of sea state we have had to contend with all week!” iDive – Ipswich, 12.07.17 

“Fantastic weekend, experiencing some of the best diving Scotland has to offer with Eastwood SAC and Dive & Sea The Hebrides. Thanks to Gordon; Skipper, Boat Hand, Tour Guide, Compressor Boy and Laundry Specialist!” Craig Thomson,1st Sept 2016

“The best Skipper in the whole of Skye, no wait. THE WORLD……” Bruce Stacey, 18th April 2016, “Still can’t beat the world’s greatest skipper.” 11th Sept 2016

“Diving here is awesome. Scenery is Fantastic especially from the water.” Brian MacKenna, 4th April 2016

“I would say the best scenic diving in Scotland I’ve ever done, a return trip.is on my list” Stefan Hafner, 25th Jan 2016

Where the rocky reef sits, just off shore, Near Claigan. That was a brilliant dive! In the sun if was like diving in the med! A colder more interesting med 🙂 Dave Crampton, 18th Jan 2016

“awestruck at the diversity of the diving on offer” Mike Clark, 19th Oct 2015

“Just Back from a Fantastic week’s diving in Skye. I was with Gordon and Aileen of Dive and Sea the Hebrides. Also on board were Steve, Toby, Vince, Jane, Edith and Ross all of whom were great company and made the trip so enjoyable. I will be posting some images on Facebook  when I get through them.. If you like world class scenic diving get up there.”  Mike Clark, 28th June 2015

“Thanks for a great weekend. I had an amazing time again this year. Minky whales, eagles, puffins, seals, octopus, lobster, conger eel and friends made it fantastic. See you next time” 😉 Ross Fisher, 30th May 2015

“Photos from my Easter trip to Skye with Strathclyde Sub Aqua Club. What a fantastic week with great visibility, loads of marine life and top banter as always! Many thanks to our wonderful skipper from Dive & Sea the Hebrides” 🙂 Jennifer Hollstein, 13th April 2015

“Thanks for a fabtastic week’s diving. Great times had by all and the sea was soooo BLUE!!!” Strath Scuba, 11th April 2015

“Had an absolutely amazing time SCUBA diving around the Isle of Skye. Gordon and Aileen were so helpful with sharing their knowledge about dive sites. THANK YOU” Alison Sylvia, 11th Sept 2014

“Thanks for a great weeks diving from all of the crew from St Albans SAC. Great weather and beautiful scenery above and below.. Fantastic viz and amazing sealife.’ and thank you from Gordon & Aileen to St Albans for being great fun!” Christine Norris, 2nd July 2014

“What can I say but “Oh yes!” Fantastic weather for Easter and great diving. And after the final dive of the trip, what better than to enjoy a beer or two in the fine, sunny weather with fantastic views.” Steve Mellor, 22nd April 2014

“Hey Gordon and Aileen thanks for a great weekend diving 8 dives with an excellent night dive on the pinnicle .Big smiles from the 12 of us .” Brian MacKenna, 29.04.14

“Cheers Gordon, great diving as ever and what a craic!! …..toes up!!” Sarah & Stuart, Ellon Sub Aqua Club, Oct 2011

“A cracking weekend was had by all, with Gordon well up to his usual high standard, his briefings were short and to the point and included all the essential info like where the octopus would be! Weather was also very well arranged by Gordon and the accommodation very suitable for our purposes. As a bonus my camera would like to thank Gordon for keeping his beady eye on it!” Martin McGovern, MSAC, May 2010

“Thanks again Gordon for a fantastic week! Minke whales, eagles, basking sharks, dolphin & porpoises what more could we ask for! Mischief and mayhem was caused – Sorry! Hope you enjoyed yourself as much as we all have! See you soon!” Becci, Neil, Jan, Pete, Martin, Janine, Eileen, Rachel, Gary, Trevor XX (Vackie, Freakie, Marty & Punky!), New Horizon Dive Centre, Sept 2010

“Skye time works for me! Most fantastic week, very lucky with the weather. Gordon is the best skipper ever. Always there pulling spanners out from under his bum whenever you need one. I’ve had the time of my life and will never forget it! Ta very much.” Sasie, Holborn BSAC, Aug 2010

“Outstanding! Memorable long weekend, Vis superb, Captain could not be more helpful or friendly. Too many good things to mention all. Marc you did us proud. Thanks to all.” Kim Orsel, Pentland SAC, Sept 2008

“‘Conger Crevice’ has more fish on it than any UK dive I have seen. As many fish as a tropical reef and colour to match. Excellent easy diving, and hospitality to match.” John Liddiard, July 04, www.liddiard.demon.co.uk

“No sleep, all sun and too much beer … another crackingly brilliant trip under the belt. This place is the best. Gordon and Aileen – thanks a million for everything and for being the friendliest people in the world!”. Edinburgh University, Every May ’88 – ’04

“A great week with a variety of sites. The prop of the Chadwick covered in all the squidge should be one of the great images of UK diving.” Tim Walsh, Bristol, Jul 04

“Giant lobsters, huge crabs, octopus, dogfish, nudibranch, ling, conga’s, ….I could go on. It’s been a great week -Gordon – Thanks very much.” Hilary, Bury SAC, Sept 03

“Well – the week’s flown by: despite an awful forecast you got us out and down every day. We applaud your efforts. Some great diving and a good setup at the lodgings. Hopefully we’ll be back next year.” Phoneix NW, Sept ’03

“Well, if all UK diving was this good I’d be in the water every day. All due to the hard work and excellent dive site knowledge of Gordon. The best UK weeks worth of fun ever!” Mark Wakeley, New Horizons Dive Centre, Sept 02

“Thanks for one of the best dive trips we have been on. Best in Scotland, England, Ireland or Wales. We will be back! Great dives, great skipper (don’t tell him that) and great set up,….What more can you ask for!” Simon, Paul, Chris, and Bill, Sept 02

“Sun, sun, sun – viz, viz, viz – whales, porpoises and seals: excellent time – great weekend … MAGIC” Deeside and Aboyne SAC, June ’02

“Quote from Linda that sums it up! ‘There are very few perfect days in life …. today is one of them’. Diving, then BBQ of scallops and mackerel on Isay, watching porpoises. Top that! “Mary, Immingham SAC, August 1998

“Great weather, good diving, good times .……..A tiptoptastic diving week. “ Barton SAC, May 1997

“Superb diving again, ‘ Conger Crevice’…… a dive I will never forget. Twelve memorable dives in six unforgettable days.” Dave. ISAC, August 1996

“Diving in the seas around Skye is a good alternative for the Red Sea trips. Especially when you meet the people of this place. Thank you.” Peter Dieleman, Holland, July 1995

“I’ve been to lots of diving sites all over the world, but none were nearly as good as Skye. I’d say this place is one of the best kept secrets for divers.” Johan, Belgium, Aug 1995

“Bloody marvellous, great diving, great hosts, great weather, great centre, If you haven’t loved the place when your done, you’ve been swimming with you eyes shut. We’ll be back as soon as possible.” Ian, York University, April 1994

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