Our Covid Response

Our Covid response was relaxed in November 2022, but remains here to inform future incidents.

Robust COVID procedures have been put in place to enable us to run multihousehold expeditions with peace of mind, that we have done everything reasonably possible to mitigate against the threat of Covid. Creation of an ‘Expedition Bubble’ is the core principle that enables expeditions to proceed and it requires the full commitment of all participants to ensure the bubble retains its integrity and and it’s ability to protect participants, staff and the local community. In a remote island community, with distant and limited, emergency medical care, it is imperative that we all do everything that we can, to continue to suppress the virus. We ask that you please read the information fully and respect our safety measures. Everyone participating in the expedition will be required to sign the booking contract, stating that they understand and accept their obligations to the ‘expedition bubble’. Thank you for your co-operation and we hope that you enjoy your expediton to Dive & Sea the Hebrides.

Covid Terms & Conditions

Our TERMS & CONDITIONS have been reviewed to incorporate fully, your obligations to the expedition bubble, what happens if an infection should occur, and cancellation terms with specific regard to Covid.

Covid Cleaning Protocol

Prior to reopening we will complete the Visit Scotland ‘Good to Go’ Scheme and we have undertaken the ‘Landlord’s Little Helper’ Covid cleaning course. In February, ahead of each season, a review of all procedures will be undertaken and updates are made, as deemed appropriate, inline with the current ScotGov advise available. During this process we will compile a detailed Covid risk assessment of the dive centre accommodation and charter vessel which will be used to inform which COVID 19 CLEANING PROTOCOL will be implemented between guest visits (these are detailed below). 

For your safety we will utilise foggers to clean the accommodation between expeditions. Having discovered and used DEW PRODUCTS ‘MIST’ effectively at other properties through 2021, we are now comfortable with fogging as a concept while using DEW PRODUCTS. Certified to EN14476 as required for Covid sanitisation, Dew states it to be 100% compostable, vegan and made from entirely natural products, allaying the concerns we had about more toxic chemical-based products. Please read the science at the link below. 


Pre-arrival requirements regarding your fitness to travel are outlined in our T&C’s. These are informed by ScotGov advice, and they will be reviewed constantly and updated as is appropriate or required by law. 

We recommend that you download the PROTECT SCOTLAND App. 

Constant Review

Our protocols and arrangements will be informed by ScotGov advice and will be reviewed constantly. 

COVID RISK ASSESSMENT FOR 2023,  due weekending 11.11.22

GUEST CHECKOUT GREEN CLEAN >72 hr gap,  due weekending 11.11.22

GUEST CHECK OUT RED CLEAN , 72 hr gap 72 hr gap, due weekending 11.11.22

HEALTH DECLARATIONS  *PreVisit *PostVisit*, due weekending 11.11.22

Landlords Little Helper