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 a spectacular diving location | no queues on the shot line | the dive site is yours alone to explore | dramatic and diverse underwater scenery | excellent visibility and clean waters | unspoiled reefs | a unique and diverse blend of marine life | fantastic photography | sheltered diving

Underwater a kaleidoscope of marine species populates the Hebridean Minch. A mixing pot for vitalising oceanic currents, largely clear and unpolluted, these waters host and sustain a rich, abundance and increasingly diverse range of marine species. Set in excellent visibility, this vibrantly coloured, underwater seascape offers a generally unexplored divers dream.

Beneath the waves the tall swaying kelp forest hosts an abundance of life for those that wish to explore it. Embroidered with bryozoan sea mats they give shelter to a host of species too numerous to list but including the favourite colourful lumpsuckers, nudibranch, anemones, spider crabs, feathers stars, urchins, starfish, painted top shells, shoals of small fish, and cheeky bigger ones too. Aside from the protection this forest affords, it adds the drama of sunbeams dancing through the swaying fronds making it a dramatic stage to explore. If you don’t like venturing into it, then you can peak into it from the drop off edge. It’s win, win at DiveSkye.

At 10-15m, the kelp forest gives way to hard rock cliffs, boulder slopes, pinnacles, caves, wrecks and reefs, falling often to hard white sand that is rarely disturbed by weather or swell. Wrecks and rocky crevices spot-lit with beams of sunlight are host to peaking beady eyed crustacean, swift shy octopus, blankets of brightly coloured soft corals, cheeky wrasse, pollock, conger eel, dogfish, angler, ling and many more concealed in caves, chimneys and crevices.

The wrecks of the SS Chadwick, SS Doris, and SS Urlana are our regular destinations and feature in more detail in the wreck section along with the Port Napier which we suggest that you dive on your way to or from us. Dogfish predatorily cruise the gently swaying kelp sometimes stopping to guide divers around their world. Imagine a 3m propeller encrusted in colour, spot-lit by shards of sun stabbing through the water as silver fish shoal in shimmering colour. Look to the surface and see the boat siting in dappled watery sunlight. It’s an inspirational and exhilarating dive experience!

‘Conger Crevice’, described as a conveyor belt of life will simply amaze you, where conger eel, lobster and ling cram into a dark far reaching, rocky crevice, while jewel anemones, beadlet anemones and devonshire cup corals in vibrant pink, green and purple wallpaper the drop off making this site truly awesome.

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