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a spectacular diving location | no queues on the shot line | the dive site is yours alone to explore | dramatic and diverse underwater scenery | excellent visibility and clean waters | unspoiled reefs | a unique and abundant blend of diverse marine life | adventurous drift dives | tremendous night dives | fantastic photography | sheltered diving

“Top skipper, great bloke. If it wasn’t for the strange accent he could be mistaken for a Yorkshire man. ‘Nuf said!” Tony White, Leeds

“The best Skipper in the whole of Skye, no wait. THE WORLD……” Bruce Stacey, 18th April 2016, “Still can’t beat the world’s greatest skipper.” 11th Sept 2016

“Cheers Gordon …the meanest looking mxxtherfxxcker… eh, allegedly!” Deeside SAC

“Gordon thanks for repairing the ripped boot, dropping the shot within 10 m of Fi’s lost weightbelt, the zippies, the electrical tape, the teas, coffes and toffees, the sarcasm and humour, and once again… some excellent diving! See you next time!” Fi & Ian, INFINITY DIVERS

“A cracking weekend was had by all, with Gordon well up to his usual high standard, his briefings were short and to the point and included all the essential info like where the octopus would be! Weather was also very well arranged by Gordon and the accommodation very suitable for our purposes. As a bonus my camera would like to thank Gordon for keeping his beady eye on it!” Martin McGovern, MSAC, 

“Gordon, the meanest looking mxxtherfxxker, if you read this, we love you, we’ve had the best time ever, top fills” love RAMMY DIVERS

“Weather incredible + Diving Great + Skipper Cool = Terrific Weekend”, Cheers PECTEN SAC

“Great dives, one of the best skippers I’ve met, thanks for a great holiday.” John LESAC

Excellent skippering for a bunch of novices, considering poor weather, variable ability, and a general lack of sea legs …drifts, wrecks, scenic and night dives, what more can a man ask for.” Tony, STINGRAY SAC

“Good accommodation, alright weather, BRILLIANT SKIPPER and the boat was surprisingly roomy. WARNING: Do not feed the skipper ginger biscuits!” Jessica Shiels

“Fantastic weekend, experiencing some of the best diving Scotland has to offer with Eastwood SAC and Dive & Sea The Hebrides. Thanks to Gordon; Skipper, Boat Hand, Tour Guide, Compressor Boy and Laundry Specialist!” Craig Thomson

“Skye time works for me! Most fantastic week, very lucky with the weather. Gordon is the best skipper ever. Always there pulling spanners out from under his bum whenever you need one. I’ve had the time of my life and will never forget it! Ta very much.” Susie, Holborn BSAC, 

“Fantastic trip, fantastic diving, brill skipper! All in all a very good week, in a very beautiful part of the country. Well worth another visit!”  Heida

“Great time, great skipper, well done on the weather”… Cheers Jim & Jill

“Outstanding! Memorable long weekend, vis superb, Captain could not be more helpful or friendly. Too many good things to mention all. Marc you did us proud. Thanks to all.”  Kim Orsel, PENTLAND SUB AQUA

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