the geography of Skye makes it a perfect diving location:

  • Skye a large island, over 50 miles long has an extensive coastline of over 1300 miles
  • no place on Skye is more than 5 miles from the sea
  • abundant diving options from 16 different launch points
  • soaring rocky peninsulas of land with high cliffs, encompass 11 major sea-lochs
  • groups of barrier islands keep the sea-lochs relatively calm, offering shelter on weather days
  • it is as yet, relatively unexplored by divers and worth the extra two hours drive beyond the busier dive locations, to enjoy the unspoiled and invigorating diving

a dynamic underwater landscape: The island climate combines with mountains, soaring cliffs and the surrounding ocean, to display some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery. The geological excitement around this extraordinary coastline of sheer cliffs and secret beaches, continues beneath the waves, shedding only the cloak of heather and grass for the living mantle of kelp forest, sponges and anemones.

Exposed west facing cliff sites and sheer drop-offs, dive into high-energy tidal waters, offering world-class, spectacular underwater scenery. A dramatic diving experience, with a variety of cliffs, pinnacles, caves, cracks, crevices, unspoiled reefs, sandy seabed’s, boulder slopes, popular and undiscovered wrecks. Why not round of the day with a tremendous night dive? The 25 m contour is close to shore and most often the sub-litoral seabed drops sharply below the waves. Dive depths on favourite sites range between 15-35m, although plenty of opportunity exists to venture deeper towards the big blue abyss! Always blanketed in a myriad of colour, there is something to suit everybody and diving to challenge and inspire divers of all experience!

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