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An ideal base in the heart of the Hebrides | Ocean currents from north and south meet to create a unique blend of marine life | Skyes coast is 1300 miles long with endless horizons to explore | An easy reach destination with an extra special diving edge | Conveniently connectS to the mainland by a bridge, so no ferry connections to manage.

The Isle of Skye is the perfect island location for your dive expedition. Remote yet accessible, it is set like a gem in the Sea of the Hebrides and is the largest of the Inner Hebridean Islands. Centrally placed in the archipelago, with ocean waters rising from the deep Atlantic seaboard on its western horizon, ‘Dive and Sea the Hebrides’ offers some of the finest European diving available. For those that aspire to St Kilda who cannot devote the time to ensure getting there, then we offer THE no 1 very best alternative.

Here, ocean currents from the north and south, collide to create a unique blend of marine life,  enriching our seas with an abundance and diversity of life, from the tiniest plankton to the mightiest giants. With no queues at the shot-line, it means that the dive-site is yours alone to explore. The diving is superb;  a photographers paradise! Often accompanied to the divesite by porpoise and dolphins, topside encounters of marine giants are common, and in-water encounters an occasional lucky treat!

The Isle of Skye is linked by a bridge to the Scottish mainland, and makes an easy reach island location for your expedition.  The drive north to our base in the heart of the Hebrides, means that ALL of your charter time is spent diving, and not on lengthy, fickle, sea voyages. Simply get to Glasgow, Edinburgh or Inverness and from there drive through truly magnificent landscapes. As you relax and unwind, you can begin to enjoy the pace of your DiveSkye expedition, where adventure awaits. For those travelling from further afield, please see our international transport information below.

Dive & Sea the Hebrides nestles in a charismatic shoreside location in a tiny historic fishing village on the shores of Lochbay, in the dramatic Waternish peninsula of north west Skye. Benefiting from the protection of the shelter of barrier islands to the north west its offers sheltered diving in inclement weather. Beyond, is the archipelago of the outer isles over which the sunsets are acclaimed as No1 in the world. Sparsely populated and free of urban light our dark skies are mesmerising and add an extra piece of wonder to a night dive. If you are very lucky you might even see the aurora!


Glasgow | 237 miles     Inverness | 130 miles

Glasgow Prestwick | 264 miles

Aberdeen | 230 miles

Edinburgh | 262 miles


If you are coming from further afield, or want to save travelling time, there are airports at Glasgow, Prestwick, Edinburgh, Inverness and Aberdeen, however please remember that we do not hire dive equipment. 


DFDS Seaways to Newcastle  | 486 miles

P&O Ferries to Hull  | 501 miles

A Ferry 

Direct Ferries 


A vehicle is required for travel on the island as public transport is very sparse and does not extend to the dive centres location. For these reasons many oversees visitors bring their own vehicle and travel to Scotland by ferry.