2020 VISION SURVEY – what you said and what we’re doing

Many of you will remember our 2020 VISION SURVEY and might be wondering what’s happening with that information. It was a useful insight and confirmed much of what we thought we knew, so that’s reassuring. Like a whale scooping up krill we have been filtering information to power our journey.

We are delighted that almost all of you described the diving on Skye as the best in the UK, and that Gordon’ the skipper’ was fantastic / excellent / incredibly knowledgeable / inspiring [Oops his head’s getting bigger!] It was no surprise that you said that the accommodation needs changing and that the ‘ladder of doom’ is widely disliked. However, while making change might seem simple, pinning down solutions that suit the diversity of our customer base wasn’t so quite so easy.



The dilemma that we face now is how to continue to cater for the very differing expectations of the dive groups that we host. We have always been conscious that by upgrading to cater for some clubs, we will instantly exclude others. In some respects the survey didn’t find differently, but it did confirm our caution in making radical change, yet also acknowledged that continuing indecision is not an option. So while we have longer term bigger plans we are making some immediate changes that will be available for the 2020 season.

  • Action Point #1: Social spaces in dive centre accommodation
    These are easy to cater for. You said “that the dining space was too cramped” and the “living room was tired”. Permissions have been sought for a reorganisation and renovation of the facilities to provide a more open and contemporary kitchen/dining/lounge space and we expect that work to be complete by the start of the 2020 season. Watch this space.
  • Action Point #2: Sleeping arrangements in dive centre accommodation:
    The responses were very varied and you said:

“we just want somewhere affordable that all the lads can get our heads down”
“we have stupendous snorers in our group and sharing with them really spoils the trip”
“at my age I want a bit more privacy”
“we are a student club, so being affordable is our priority”
“I’m bringing a non-diver who wants time out from the dive group”.

So what to do in the short term?

For 2020 our in-house sleeping arrangements will be redecorated but otherwise remain unchanged. However, we now have a range of smaller self-catering properties available to us locally, for those wanting more privacy or more upmarket accommodation. For 5 and 7 day full boat club trips with mixed accommodation needs, we can create a bespoke package for your group, assuming that a minimum of 6-8 divers stay in-house.



The ladder is widely disliked and we have to address that but sadly it’s not as simple as installing a lift, ….. just yet. ‘Elena C’ has too many diverse uses and a lift simply isn’t practical.

  • Action Point #1: The ladder of doom is widely disliked.
    So as an immediate solution for 2020, we are intending to make a walk through entry at deck level and a much easier and shorter ladder to exit. We are in discussion with the structural surveyor and licensing authority and will confirm our plans as soon as we hear. Looking onwards to the future, a lift might just become possible 😉
  • Action Point #2: Trim for the swim.
    Many of you say to us;

“if I had thought about it sooner I wouldn’t have brought my twin set”
“this side sling system is just a pain in the neck for this diving”
“I’m using all my air lugging this kit about, and I don’t even need half of it for this depth of diving”

So, think about it for a moment! If you prepare for the diving you plan to do, trim your kit for the depth of dive you’re doing, you’ll be much more comfortable and use less air, so your cylinders can be smaller and so much more portable. Would hiring a single 12L or 15L cylinder from us be helpful? Please let us know.



………… and more development news will be coming soon!