Very Well! ……. we are delighted to report that this expedition, with Mike Clark onboard as photography mentor/tutor, was a huge success. 

Running in late June 2024, we had a mixed bag of weather, from stormy to sunny and sublime. We visited a wide variety of locations from on the doorstep to out west for the best! At Dive & Sea the Hebrides we were delighted with the format, the vibe and the end results, and it was very rewarding to see the skill and expertise as it evolved.

How did it work?  Mike lived with the group so there were a lot of opportunities for informal chat and information sharing. Once we had decided on the daily dive location, Mike discussed with everyone what the photographic opportunities would be and set individual targets for the day. He dived the same dives and having seen the general underwater conditions on site on the day, he was aboard to help with tweaks between dives, ensuring everyone maxed out on the images they took. In the evening each diver presented their chosen selection of photos for the day, and in good banter loads of discussion took place and tips were exchanged.

Participant feedback! We asked participants what they thought about the week and what they learned. Here’s what they said

“It was very refreshing to meet a photographer/guide who was very willing to share his expertise through a wide range of tips and helpful advice. From setting up my camera, choosing lenses, shooting, editing and critiquing. I learned so much!”

“I gained an understanding of the histogram and how to use it.’

“Everyone learned something.”

“This week rekindled my enthusiasm for underwater photography and I am going home to spend a lot of money on a new camera.”

“We also learned new tips from each other.”

“I like the base settings that Mike helped me to establish for my camera.”

“I would never have used the manual setting before this week.”

“The learning curve is directly linked to a future spending curve. 😉 “

“Informal and relaxed, experimental, hands-on practical learning.”

“Loved the evening discussions, I learned a lot there too.”

Mikes tip of “make something ordinary, extraordinary!” is an excellent mantra.

“I wasn’t sure how accessible the week would be, I’m not much of a photographer, but Mike taught me tips, useful to me at my level and gave me the confidence to experiment. He inspired me to do more with my camera again!


Last Night Awards & Winners!

After much discussion and good humoured banter, the group had a vote on the last night and some wee awards were given out.



STAR PHOTOGRAPHER |  Tom Ingram  | He said he took  “…. quite a few images!” 

See more of Toms images on fACEBOOK | Album 1




PHOTO OF THE WEEK | Darren Elkins | He said he took “…….. about 895 images”

See more of Darrens images on fACEBOOK | album 1




MOST IMPROVED PHOTOGRAPHER | Rob Lee | He said he took “…….. about 20 images” ( but we think there were more!)

See more of Robs images on fACEBOOK Album 1




ROGER BEER also took some cracking photos shared on fACEBOOK coming soon



MIKE CLARK, UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER | He told us he took “………… ehm 1000’s of photos!”

……..and that must be true. When he wasn’t under the water, he was taking topside wildlife shots, and when he wasn’t aboard the boat he was taking scenic shots all around the island. From 6am till midnight he had a camera in this hand! We are looking forward to seeing some of the photos captured. We want to say a BIG THANKS for his ‘can do attitude’ and encouraging proffessionalism. See some of Mikes photos HERE

GORDON MACKAY, SKIPPER | He took “No photos directly, but he got everyone where they needed to be to get 10,000’s of images!”



JUST PANTS | awarded to the weather!

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