Dive & Sea the Hebrides, WELCOME KAYAKERS to enjoy our beautiful corner of the world.

The coastline and seascapes of northwest Skye are breathtakingly beautiful and offer exceptional coastal kayaking opportunities. Dynamic and dramatic, it combines lazy day paddles, protected sea-lochs for weather days and access to challenging tidal passages, in equal measure. Acclaimed as one of the best marine wildlife watching areas in Europe, you will also enjoy abundant opportunities to experience world class wildlife encounters.

Situated in the ‘Special landscape Area’ of North West Skye, also located in The Hebridean Minch ‘Marine Protected Area’, and with the ‘Special Area of Conservation’ of Ascrib, Isay and Dunvegan SAC (Lochbay Islands) on the doorstep, you could not be better placed for a kayak adventure. The Outer Hebrides, a constant companion on the western horizon offers wonderful views.

Shaped by the ever-changing elements of wind, sea and sun, and the historic cultures of the Vikings and Gaels, inspiration to explore is prolific. Added to that, an abundant diversity of marine life, and this truly is an extraordinary location.



Skye has been a popular kayak destination for some time. For inspiration to plan an expedition, why not explore some of the favourites on the excellent Scottish Sea Kayaking website. With several favourite routes accessed from the many jetties and shores in our immediate area it gives you plenty of options. Here are some links to some of the favourites.

Loch Dunvegan, a deep sealoch, with a number of tiny islands, Dunvegan Castle, and the fampus Coral Beaches (recently voted 2nd best in the world!)

Dunvgean Head, mighty seacliffs, the highest in the UK at over 300m, with tidal streams. Great for cetaceans and sea eagles.

Waternish Pt & the Ascribs, a spectacular coastline, with natural arches, a lighthouse, rainbows in waterfalls, magnificent seabird colonies, cetaceans and puffins! Alog with local Lochbay Islands these are a special area of conservation for seals and seabirds.

Neist Pt, a great expedition, remote, tidal, demanding and full of seascape drama. Cliffs, waterfalls, stacks, skerries and fabulous wildlife.

Loch Bracadale & it’s Islands, a great coast to explore with seacliffs, pretty secret white beaches and sea stacks.

So these trips are reccommended for lighthouses, shelter, tiny white beaches, puffins, castles by Scottish sea kayaking, we can personally reccomend others for go ashore and explores, sea eagles, cetaceans, sea birds, sea stacks, natural arches and rainbows, evening skies and moonlight meanders, snorkels, picnics and swims. Check out our wildlife boat trip company for local inspirational images.



We are central to 10 jetties and 9 sealochs in northwest Skye, enabling access to a diversity of challenge, length of route and shelter from different winds. With so many jetties within 10-15 miles of the accommodation it offers flexibility in your route planning with numerous opportunities to choose a one-way transit and to recover kayaks by road.

Staying Local

Located on the shoreside in the iconic and historic fishing village of Stein, provides easy access to the sheltered waters of Lochbay from which you can explore, Lochbay Islands, the iconic Coral Beach, Dunvegan and its historic castle. Pull up your kayak and enjoy some time exploring the shores, abandoned villages and wildlife. It’s fantastic for sunset paddles, and with a great local jetty, easy exit makes it ideal for starry and moonlight expeditions. Described here in Coral Beach, Mingay Island (the smaller of the 3 Lochbay islands) and Dunvegan Castle worthy of exploration and accessible by less experienced paddlers too. Add to that Ardmore Arches and local seal and seabird colonies, there is plenty to amuse you locally.

Adventure West

Venture west around Dunvegan Head (amongst the highest sea cliffs in Britain) to Neist Pt (the most westerly point) and onwards down the most impressive section of coastline, with dramatic cliffs, arches, caves, pinnacles, sea stacks offshore skerries and tiny secret white beaches. Reaching Loch Bracadale, the drama continues with numerous islands, inlets and bays to explore. Described here in Loch Dunvegan, Dunvgean Head, Neist Pt, we would add Macleod’s Maidens, and tiny white beaches as must see points en-route.

Explore North

Heading north out of Lochbay you encounter impressive Ardmore Arches, venturing onwards past busy bird colonies, rainbows in sea cliffs on sunny afternoons, to Waternish Pt  where nutrient rich tidal uprisings bring an abundance of porpoise, dolphin, whale and occasionally basking shark and orca. Travelling east you come upon the Ascrib Archipelago of islands a haven for birds, and a vibrant puffin colony. Double back into Loch Greshornish and Loch Snizort and haul out to return by road. Described here in Waternish Pt & the Ascribs, Waternish Pt Lighthouse and numerous arches, seabird colonies and stacks are worthy of time and exploration on your journey or as lazy days between bigger excursions.

Shelter around the compass 

You can easily access the whole coastline described above from any of the other jetties or shores in northwest Skye meaning that much of the above excitement can be reached on a shorter passage or from the shelter of a protected loch. Going further afield on the island gives weather options around the compass and many more choices.



Here is a glimpse of our local kayak fun, more to follow.



Our accommodation was originally established for scuba diving expeditions, but as keen recreational kayakers ourselves, we decided it was long past time to welcome paddlers too. Nestled on the shore, it provides contemporary, no nonsense, affordable and practical expedition accommodation. A self-catering bunkhouse, sleeps 10, (1 x twin bunk room, 1 x 6 bed bunk toom, 1 small double) with contemporary kitchen, dining, sitting room and showers and toilets.

The premises has on-site parking for 10 cars with room for kayak railers, and a wet gear store, and shoreside decking. The local jetty and car park is 200m away and the oldest inn on Skye, Stein Inn is even closer. Check out Visit Waternish for other local information.

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The Hebridean Minch is a mixing pot, where cold ocean currents from the Icelandic north and warm gulf stream currents from the south collide to create a unique body of water that nourishes an unusual diversity of marine species above and below the waves, offering opportunities, for exceptional wildlife encounters on land and sea. Acclaimed as one of the best marine wildlife watching areas in Europe you will be entranced!

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With 35 years’ experience as divers and skippers running Dive & Sea the Hebrides and Divers Eye Boat Trips, we have a wealth of knowledge about weather, anticipated sea conditions and tidal streams in the area, as well as great places to haul out, and best wildlife opportunities. We can also suggest great snorkel and wild swim spots if you fancy a dip.

We started kayaking purely for fun, so have some knowledge of being on the water rather than in it!

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Accommodation sleeps 10 | Cost £350 per night | minimum 3 night stay

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