first published 8th Oct 2015

Did you know that we have a Youtube channel?

It had to be done. Nearly 25 years old, a much played, long loved dive visitor’s video was recently converted from VHS to DVD. With very damaged sections and music copyright issues we edited it into ‘video shorts’ to share. Yes probably officially retro, but nonetheless cool, glimpses of the good old days and a peek at how the dive-sites were then. Have they changed? You decide. We uploaded them to our Yotube channel for you to enjoy. Please excuse the quality. The resolution has been reduced so its best watched in small ipad screen. While it’s far from perfect we hope you can excuse it and enjoy the glimpse below the sea.

In addition to this archive footage, we have added some more recent customer footage to our YouTube channel in a separate play lists. It’s always good to see the experience through a visitors eyes and over the season we glimpsed fantastic footage while still fresh in the camera housing. If these have made it to finished projects we would really love you to share them with us. You can email them, message them, share them on Facebook, dropbox them, …….. but however it happens we’d really love to see them, please don’t be shy!

Having been inspired and catching up with the GoPro times, Gordon and the boys are planning a few wee winter dives, maybe some new sites and some new underwater film action. You never know they might just be up to our customers standard and good enough to share!

In the meantime, Grab a Cuppa CHECK OUT OUR YouTube CHANNEL, and take a virtual dive.