MONTY HALL DIVED SKYE while filming ‘Beachcombers Cottage’

Monty dived Skye with local marine biologist Sue Scott and he recounts as follows in his column in ‘Dive – Nov 2008 – page 29’;

So I crammed in a couple of final dives in the wild northern tip of Skye on a clear crisp day. In the capable hands of Gordon and Aileen from ‘Dive & Sea the Hebrides’, I drifted slowly along the dark overhang on Conger Crevice, a vipers nest  of slate grey leviathans peering out at me, with a clicking array of lobsters and crabs alongside. Such was the drama and atmosphere of this dive that I completely ignored the cuckoo wrasse that accompanied me throughout, bustling ahead like some tour guide in a bright livery of stripes and neon shades. One of the congers took exception at being gawked at, and slithered out of its gloomy home to gently nose my camera away, with me furiously back-pedalling in a mass of gauges, hoses, bubbles and adrenaline.

I also had the good fortune to be accompanied on this dive by Sue Scott, who took a relentless series of annoyingly excellent photographs, which I will be delighted to show all and sundry when I get home. I may even mention that it was her that took them, and not me. Maybe!

“Thanks for a an amazing couple of days diving, undoubtedly the best I have dived in Europe!” best wishes Monty Halls