DIVING WORLD RECORD SET ON SKYE for the longest cold water dive, by Tomas and Michal Pozumski

On Friaand Sat 17th – 18th Feb 2017  on the Isle of Skye. Michael & Tomas dived continually for 17hrs and 8 mins – Brrrrrrr!

The story starts “As tradition goes, new month new adventure. This time: longest cold water dive in the sea. Last piece missing in our puzzle. A few of us visited Isle of Skye during last summer and felt in love instantly. We knew that despite crazy distance to travel, if we ought to do the long dive in the sea it has to be somewhere at Skye.”

We had some spots in mind, did some hasty research,.. “  Read all about this astounding achievement in their report on our Facebook page post 19th February 2017  …………….. we guess if you’re going to do this, Skye was a great choice. WELL DONE, it’s an amazing achievement!