Thank You to Mike Clark for his 3rd feature published about us this month. The latest article is in Scottish Diver, titled ‘Skye Diving’ p 20 – p23, mike says “Small fish were darting around and with the beautiful reef, crystal water and bright white sand this dive was stunning and I would have happily dived it all week!” Read the article here

Mike Clark’s 2nd article , featured the ‘SS Chadwick’ in ‘Wrecked’. Mike describes his journey around the wreck noting ” ….the wreck’s most distinctive feature – the large four bladed propellor. Two blades have sunk into the sand and the remaining two stick up into the tide. As a result they have an especially dense covering of vivid orange and white dead men’s fingers”. He concludes the feature by saying “If you are into scenic wrecks don’t miss the Chadwick.”  A very popular wreck you can read other accounts and Mike’s current article here.

The 1st article was in Sportsdiver’s November 2015 issue p 64 – 69. In an article titled on the front cover as “Aiming for the Skye – Scottish Diving at its best”, Mike describes how he “returns to the Isle of Skye after 25 years, and is left awestruck by the diversity of diving on offer.”Read the article here

In good company they join 4 historic articles in Sportdiver, which all enjoy, enthuse and acclaim DiveSkye as “the best diving in the UK” Read the article here.

Thank You Mike 🙂