PETITIONS PLEASE PARTICIPATE “divers are the eyes of the public” 

We are not normally big fans of petitions and even less keen on ‘politicising’ our engagement with our customers. Recently though, so many petitions have been raised that directly involve you the diver that we feel it would be neglectful not to bring them to your attention and to encourage your participation. It has also been said “that divers are the eyes of the public” and we know better about what is being damaged and lost, and where help is vital. The local coastal communities, who depend on a healthy marine environment, need your support in enforcing existing international legislation and developing responsible policies to ensure the environment that we have stewardship of for future generation is fit for purpose when we had it on. We know divers as visitors have been reluctant to get involved in matters that may often bee seen as local coastal community issues with the big slogan of jobs needed being waved. But that balance has changed and a quick look at the campaign facebook pages will show who is driving the demand for action now and where the job threats really are! Links are provided to keep up to date. Please get involved, once environmental damage is done biodiversity and species will be a long time gone!