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THE WINNERS FOR OUR 30 YEARS - 30 PRIZE DRAW were announced today.

1st Pete Lau - receives a voucher for £1000 for a 5 or 7 day standard club expedition.

2nd Mr S R Jones - receives a voucher for £500 for a 5 or 7 day standard club expedition.

3rd Lianne Aitken  - receives a voucher for £250 for a 3, 5 or 7 day expedition.

There are 27 runners up who will receive a mystery prize each as notified.


WORLD RECORD SET for the longest cold water dive, by Tomas and Michal Pozumski on Fri/Sat 17th - 18th Feb on the Isle of Skye. Michael & Tomas dived continually for 17hrs and 8 mins - Brrrrrrr!. Read all about this astounding achievment in their report on our Facebook page.


WHY NOT JOIN A TRIP: So how does that work. Watch our SHORT VIDEO HERE, and then check out our available trips and prices, and then be sure to book today. These trps are popular this year :-)


EASTER WEEKEND AVAILABLE - FOR CLUB EXPEDITIONS. Easter is late this year meaning the water will be a wee bit warmer, and well passed the equinox, we would expect the visbility be excellent at 20m+ making it a great time to go and explore. Available from Thurs 13th or Fri 14th April for 3 or 5 days. Provisionally book now. 

You never know what you'll find down there!             ...... and we do have a challenge for the most adventurous Easter Egg eating photograph from trips between 14th - 29th April, shared to our website.

Have Fun :-)

SMALL GROUP TRIPS - NEW DATES ADDED. Once confirmed as running our June 2016 sold out in 5 days! To confirm a small group trip will definitely run we need 6 divers committed to the total package. Out of house options can be avialable too. For more details of the trips currently running and their details check online here. We are considering adding trips in April and May subject to demand. Register your interest or enquire now.


30 YEARS - 30 PRIZES - ENTER TO WIN Celebrating 30 years we are holding a 30 prize, prize draw which inlcudes vouchers for £1000, £500, £250 and many other smaller prizes. TO ENTER just sign up to our newsletter and the lucky winners will be drawn at random.

Prizes have to be used in 2017, subject to availibility BUT if you BOOK NOW and are a winner, the voucher value will be deducted from your expeditions final balance due - pretty cool!




AT THE DIVESHOW – STAND 1036 Its been a while since we have attended the Dive Show at the NEC, so we felt it was fitting when celebrating our 30th year, that we popped down to catch up with old friends and hopefully to make some new ones. We will be on stand 1036, and we’ll be launching a Prize Draw for some great giveaways for individual divers and their clubs, and taking bookings too. So if your at the show do come by for a chat and join the birthday action.


ENTER OUR BIRTHDAY PRIZE DRAW At the show we will be launching our BIRTHDAY PRIZE DRAW, 30 years - 30 prizes! Including vouchers for £1000, £500, £250 to spend on DiveSkye trips in 2017, who knows what else will be in that lucky draw on the day! Terms apply. Enter HERE by signing up to our newsletter. 


DIVE CENTRE & OFFICE CLOSED As the season draws to a close we would like to say a big thank you to all of you who helped make this year such great craic. It was great to see so many happy smiling faces, old customers and new, and we look forward more fun and adventure in 2017. 

We are closing, for a family break for 2 1/2 weeks at the end of which we will be exhibiting at the Dive Show. The office will be formally closed from Thurs 6th Oct and reopening on Wed 26th Oct. Emails may be answered intermittently during that closure, but booking enquiries will be dealt with on a chronological basis before the diveshow, at the diveshow and following our return to the office on Wed 26th Oct. So email as soon as possible to secure your pick of the dates.

CELEBRATING 30 YEARS OF DIVESKYE at DIVESHOW We look forward  to catching up with friends old and new at the Dive Show this weekend. Celebrating 30 years of DiveSkye we hope you can help us make it a great one, so please pop by the stand to say Hi! We will be taking bookings, where we will be launching our 30 YEARS - 30 PRIZES, PRIZE DRAW. To celebrate we would also appreciate any photos you may have to join our Rogues Gallery or video clips to share on Facebook and Youtube channel. They can be sent my email, shared on Facebook or messaged. However they reach us, we would be delighted to see them. Fingers Crossed :-)


BOOK NOW BY EMAIL OR PROVISIONALLY AT DIVESHOW The office will be formally closed from Thurs 6th Oct and reopening on Wed 26th Oct. Emails may be answered intermittently during that closure, but booking enquiries will be dealt with on a chronological basis before the diveshow and following our return to the office on Wed 26th Oct. So email as soon as possible to secure your pick of the dates.

We will also be taking PROVISIONAL BOOKINGS AT THE DIVESHOW so do pop by and put your date in the diary.


DIVESKYE 30 YEARS DIGITAL Did you know that we have a Youtube channel? It has some very old video clips on it (yes probably officially retro but still cool) and a few more recent customer ones, BUT it’s definitely needing some TLC! Can you help? Inspired by what we’ve seen of your more recent footage, and catching up with the GoPro times, Gordon’s planning a few wee winter dives, maybe some new sites and some new underwater film action. Meantime, we glimpsed a number of fantastic films in the making recently and we would really love you to share them with us. You can email them, message them, share them on FB, dropbox  them, …….. but however it happens we’d really love to see them, please share them with us for our 30th birthday, we’d really appreciate it!

A DEAL WORTH GRABBING Book 2017 at 2016 prices BUT in fact its not 2016 prices but 2014 prices!!! Now that’s a deal worth grabbing! This is a time limited offer, and it expires next week on Monday 3rd of October. Sadly we will need to make some price increases for next year as prices have been held for 3 seasons. In the last 6 months alone, marine diesel has risen in price by 40%, so adjustments will be required to reflect this. Rest assured though when we review them, package price rises will be kept to a minimum, particularly on 3 day trips which are less discounted already. So if you know what dates your club want to book, drop us an email over the weekend to secure your club trip at the best price possible for next year!


30th BIRTHDAY ROGUES DIVERS GALLERY! Check out the gallery on Facebook here. Can you spot yourself? Have you got an expedition photograph you could share?Join the look back at the last 30 years, fun and laughs. Be amazed at how diving has changed!  Maybe its time for a return visit. Email them, message them or share them on facebook, ........... we would love to see them to join us in celebrating 30 years of Dive & Sea the Hebrides.



BE A WEEKEND DIVE DATE VIP Once again 3 day trips will be released around longer trips when they become available. If you would like to put your clubs name in the diary provisionally for a particular time of year, month or weekend please get in touch and YOU WILL RECEIVE PRIORITY PICK OF THE DATES when they become available. Just drop us an email with the details. We hope to be firming things up after the show in early November. Register Now!

DIVE INTO THE SPRING SEASON AT DIVESKYE WITH A 10% DISCOUNT valid on 5 and 7 day club trips booked fro April or May 2016, this offer runs until 31st January 2016. WE must have received our completed booking form and 25% depsouit by that date. Deposist can be made by credit card. To get your pick of the dates provisionally book now.


STUDENT DISCOUNTS  listed online here today

WELL THAT MAKES IT A HAT-TRICK of MAGAZINE FEATURES  in NOV 2015. Thank You to Mike Clark for his 3rd feature published about us this month. The latest article is in Scottish Diver, titled 'Skye Diving' p 20 - p23, mike says "Small fish were darting around and with the ebautiful reef, crystal water and bright white sand this dive was stunning and I would have happily dived it all week!" READ THE ARTICLE HERE


ARCHIVE VIDEO SHORTS UPLOADED TO YouTube. We converted this archive footage which was shot on VHS 21 years ago into DVD. Much loved, often played it has been damaged and had copyrighted music on it, so its been edited into vidoe shorts to share with you. The resolution has been reduced so its best watched in small ipad screen. While its far from perfect we hope you can excuse it and enjoy the glimpse below the sea. We've enjoed it so a new camera and much more filming is planned for the winter.

Grab a Cuppa CHECK OUT OUR YouTube CHANNEL , and take a virtual dive.


DIVE SHOW DEAL - BOOK FOR 2016 AT 2015 PRICES Valid on any 5 or 7 day club or dive school trip. Provisional Bookings accepted now, deposits must be paid by 30.11.15. PACKAGE DETAILS HERE DON'T MISS THE BOAT  







'SKYE HIGH' : Dive, Aug 2010

'SKYE DIVER' : Diver, Dec 1999


FINALLY OUR COPY OF SCUBA ARRIVED TODAY, featuring Mike Clarks article on the 'SS Chadwick' in 'Wrecked'. Mike describes his journey around the wreck noting " ....the wreck's most distinctive feature - the large four bladed propellor. Two blades have sunk into the sand and the remaining two stick up into the tide. As a result they have an especially dense covering of vivid orange and white dead men's fingers". He concludes the feature by saying "If you are into scenic wrecks don't miss the Chadwick."

A very popular wreck you can read other accounts in the following articles; 

'CHADWICK' : Diver, wreck tour, no 20

'REACH FOR THE SKYE' : Scubaworld, April 2002




VIDEO SHORTS COMING TO OUR YouTube CHANNEL, 21 years old is the much played, long loved dive visitor’s video that we have just had converted from VHS to DVD. With damaged sections and music copyright issues we have started editing it into ‘video shorts’ for upload to our YouTube channel.  The first will be online by Friday 23rd Oct for you to check out via the social media links at the side of this webpage, and then you’ll catch a glimpse of the great diving at DiveSkye.


READ ABOUT US IN SPORTSDIVERS, November 2015 issue p 64 - 69. In an article titled on the front cover as "Aiming for the Skye - Scottish Diving at its best", author Mike Clark describes how he "returns to the Isle of Skye after 25 years, and is left awestruck by the diversity of diving on offer." READ THE ARTICLE HERE on page 64 - 69

In good company they join 4 historic articles in Sportdiver, which all enjoy, enthuse and acclaim DiveSkye as "the best diving in the UK" READ THEM HERE





TOPSIDE WILDLIFE ENCOUNTERS are as diverse and abundant as our underwater species. The Hebridean Minch has a resident pod of 9 orca which occassionally pass through and seeing them is quite simply breathtaking. Don't worry this pod are not mammal eaters! Far more frequently we enjoy watching minke whales close to the divesite but as yet there have been no underwater encounters - you never know, maybe it will happen one day! Superpods of dolphin come to play with the boat and only twice have they been spotted underwater. Gordon was one of those lucky divers! Basking sharks are strange and unaccountable as some years they are prolific, and other years occasional,   
and there seems to be very little rhyme or reason to their presence. Puffins are plentiful in the summer season, sea eagles live here year round and many other species migrate here to nest, breed and rear their young before setting off on epic journeys of thousands of miles. You will encounter many of these ashore, on the cliffs and sometimes they will make a mistake and dive in beside you! Check out a sample of this WILDLIFE IN OUR LATEST GALLERY!

JOIN A SMALL GROUP TRIP TO DIVE IN in 2016 If you don’t dive with a club, haven’t got the same holidays or sim ply want to do something different from your regular dive buddies this is your answer! So what’s the deal? You do need to have all of your own equipment and at least one dive buddy with you to join these trips. Generally we would recommend this as drysuit diving although at 12 -15 degrees or so (maybe warmer!), good quality wetsuits are absolutely fine if you are used to using them. You will also need appropriate dive

experience in temperate water. Dives will be in the 18-30m depth range, a mixture of scenic and wreck and will likely include slack tide dives on tidal sites. Sorry we do not offer guided divinig at this time. So,... what diving will we do? The diving will be very scenic, in clear water, with lots of colour and abundant life. The 7 day trip will aim to include all the favourites and the 5 day trips most of them. All trips will give ideal opportunities for serious and ‘have a go’ photographers alike. Trips will be available for 7 or 5 days, possibly 3 days. We will set the diving schedule each day according to the weather, to maximise the diversity of diving available. Prices vary according to the numbers sharing rooms, but we won’t ask groups that don’t know each other to share a room. The trips can also be made available as diving only trips which might suit if you plan to bring non-divers too. DATES ONLINE NOW, Register for our newsletter or Follow us on Facebook

TIME TO FOCUS, GET THE PICTURE? Enjoy the DiveSkye photographers paradsie on a photography speciailty trip, ideal for those of you who long for the opportunity to spend a bit more time homing your photographic skills. No intimidating lectures, specialist or extra expense, just TIME to take your shot in a more considered frame of mind, while sharing the boat with like minded enthusiasts! Quite simple really, does it sound tempting? So to enjoy a little more space, with only 

8-10 divers aboard, make the most of the visibility diving with like minded photographers who understand the need for good bouyancy control and we choose the site with your photographic objectives in mind. Enjoy scenic, wreck, colour and life in abundance, and get up close and personal with the best the UK has to offer underwater. Check out other visitor images here. Dates coming in mid Oct 2016. DATES ONLINE HERE

HELP FUND YOUR TRIP with a BSAC EXPEDITION GRANT Ideal for student clubs, these are a great way to take your club that wee bit further both in expanding your diving horizons and your clubs expeditions experience. Grants are available every year to groups of BSAC divers with the purpose of promoting adventurous diving in your club. The expedition should have an objective such as research e.g. finding new sites or improvement of the expertise of a group of divers. All subsidised divers must be BSAC members and all diving should follow BSAC guidelines. There is a bit of paperwork involved, but it's well worth it to get you that wee bit further and enjoying new diving

experineces. We had a very successful trip from ULSAC in 2014 funded with this grant, and with a clear set of targets, it was amazing what they managed in their week, read all about it here. There is loads of helpful advice online along with past expeditions so it shouldn’t be too difficult. FIND OUT MORE and GET THE APPLICATION FORMS & MANUAL HERE

WORLD CLASS DIVING RIGHT HERE IN THE UK, making it more accessible. In recent years there has been such a strong emphasis on overseas diving, that the quality of diving at home is often overlooked. In the 1990's there were about 20+ charter boats working the west coast of Scotland, such was its poularity, but now the number of vessels is vastly reduced and often only utilised for weekend or day trips.  There are clearly many different reasons for this, but many of the new generation of divers are sadly unaware of the fantastic diving right here in the UK. You can't do it justice and enjoy it's abundant diversity in a couple of days and neither can a

charter boat afford to work just 2-3 days a week. Add to this, that many divers dont belong to a club and that makes it more difficult to dive at home as charter boats are generally booked by groups. So, our aim in 2016 is to enable many more divers to enjoy the spectacular Diveskye experience. We propose to run more of our small group and speciality trips and will post dates mid October 2016 to make sure everyone has the opportunity to schedule them into their dive diary and work leave scehdule. STAY UP TO DATE VIA OUR NEWSLETTER or FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK.

16 ARTICLES IN THE DIVE PRESS We have been very fortunate to have received some fabulous media coverage in the major diving magazine over the last 20 or so, from many different dive journalists. While covering our expeditions, they joned club trips and small group trips, to feature our standard DiveSkye Classic diving. For many of these features, we had no idea there were journalists aboard with the intention of them writing features so the coverage is indicative of a typical club or small group dive trip. READ THEM ONLINE HERE


GORDONS DIVING HIGHLIGHT 2013 The day started out as just another July morning, the sea calm, with a light wind from the Northeast, a perfect day to be diving the West side of Rubha Bhaternis. But this day was different. Instead of enviously watching everyone else go diving, I was getting the increasingly rare chance to shake of responsibility and go in the water to enjoy some dive time too! Dive-shot in the water I was ready to start the dive. A moderate tide running northward meant that from where I entered, I would be travelling along underwater for 600m or so, with minimal effort on my part, to the point below the lighthouse or possibly beyond if the tidal flow picked up. Exciting! Off to a flying

start I had a pod of common dolphins arrive as I went over the side, but after curiously inspecting the clumsy addition I made to their world, they soon lost interest and departed effortlessly off into the blue. I am sure they must have laughed at me on the way! Descending the shot-line past the tall kelp, it gave way at 20 metres onto white sand. I was excited, this combination of great vis and high energy meant I was in for a great dive on my favourite site. Surrounded by the oranges, yellows and reds of the prolific soft corals and anemones, I set off with the drift. A rock wall to the right, shoals of vibrant coloured darting fish to the left, crabs, lobster and crawfish between and below the boulders, a conger cautiously poking its head out in anticipation of an unwary meal (yes possibly me), I ventured onward following the underwater contour, with visibility of 20 metres. I’d taken a camera which is always well rewarded here and I took the opportunity to focus on some of the prolific and exquisite, tiny nudibranch that were all over the kelp. There was so much to take in and before I knew it, and all too soon, it was time to make my way back to the surface. The tide had carried me a good distance and in the time it took to complete a safety stop I had travelled beyond the headland into deeper water with over 100m below me. I surfaced with the boat attentive and almost beside me, with the other divers aboard watching minke whales feeding at the nearby point. DISCOVER MORE ABOUT HERON WING DRIFT HERE

 MONTY HALL DIVED SKYE while filming 'Beachcombers Cottage' with local marine biologist Sue Scott and he recounts as follows in his column in 'Dive - Nov 2008 - page 29'; "So I crammed in a couple of final dives in the wild northern tip of Skye on a clear crsip day. In the capable hands of Gordon and Aileen from 'Dive & Sea the Hebrides', I drifted slowly along the dark overhang on Conger Crevice, a vipers nest  of slate grey leviathans peering out at me, with a clicking

array of lobsters and crabs alongside. Such was the drama and atmosphere of this dive that I completely ignored the cuckoo wrasse that accompanied me throughout, bustling ahead like some tour guide in a bright livery of stripes and neon shades. One of the congers took exception at being gawked at, and slithered out of its gloomy home to gently nose my camera away, with me furiously back-pedalling in a mass of gauges, hoses, bubbles and adrenaline.

I also had the good fortune to be accompanied on this dive by Sue Scott, who took a relentless series of annoyingly excellent photographs, which I will be delighted to show all and sundry when I get home. I may even mention that it was her that took them, and not me. Maybe!"

"Thanks for a an amazing couple of days diving, undoubtedly the best I have dived in Europe!" best wishes Monty Halls



CUSTOMER IMAGES GALLERY ONLINE NOW Have a look in our online gallery and see what our customers have photographed on recent trips. Do you want to take part?...... then submit some images taken while diving with us at 'DiveSkye', by emailing them too, including your club name and trip date.


DIVING WITH MARINE GIANTS The Hebrides are 'acclaimed as the best marine watching destination in Europe' and Skye is at the top of the encounter list. In water sightings of basking shark are becoming more common, but off course remain utterly unpredictable. It's an experience we consider to be lucky when it happens, but not to be expected or anticipated. Minke whale, dolphin and common seals are frequently sighted but generally elusive underwater. Huge schools of dolphin were enjoyed this season and a pod of orca were sighted regularly in The Minch this summer and joined us on a few occassions.




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